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SBO Mail not working in New installation 10.0 FP2402

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Hi there.

I have prepared a new server to migrate our installation from WS2012+SQL2016 and SBO 10.0 FP2208 to WS2022+SQL2019 to SBO 10.0 FP2402 and then FP2405.

The installation and migration process was all correct.

Problem: SboMail and alert system. They do not work.

I have reviewed installation notes, reinstalled, SAP notes and nothing solves the problem.

Sending emails from the server from sqlmail works ok (from the transaction notification in sap database as well).

Sending emails from the B1if also works correctly.

Only from SAP it is not possible.

The same mailbox and configuration everywhere.

It can also be sent from SAP and through Outlook, except for the alert system.

Checking the operating system event viewer, I have an error saying event 62, source SBO Mail. The component causing this event is not installed on the local computer or the installation is corrupted.

What could we be missing from the configuration?

What could we be missing in the installation?

The Windows service is working without errors and the system and database configurations are correct, without errors of any kind.

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Well, as I suspected, it is a FP issue.

I have chosen to install the FP 2208 and voilá everything works.

Now I'm going to backup the entire system and try migrating to the FP 2405 and see how it behaves or what happens.