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SBO is disappointing

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Hi all,

Are we the only company worldwide that is unhappy with SBO? R3 must be a great system, but SBO certainly isn't.

We started using SBO on Sept 2005, using version 2004. The app continuously crashed, on any computer, without any add-ons on it. We also had a very funny problem: SBO wasn't unable to know that Feb didn't have a 30th day, making it self give an error message because of its own mistake. It wasn't able either to calculate installments properly. The list was huge. It was a struggle to have SAP to admit the system was wrong, just to admit, because not too many actions have been taken to improve it.

We have just updated to version 2005+patch1 and our worse 3 problems have gone, but we have new problems that were not in 2004 and some of them are still there.

I used to beleive that SAP was a strong and reliable company but I'm not any longer. There's software that you can buy for $100 that doesn't have the silliest bugs SBO does. Is it so difficult for a company like SAP to get a team of 5 people and have them for a month working on the software.

Of course SBO has great tools, but they're hidden by all the stupid bugs it has. The strangest thing is that I found no one on the internet complaining about SBO.

I just hope to receive some feedback from real users and hopefully from SAP headquarters.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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We are using SBP with many of our clients and have had great success. Sure there are challenges as with any major software package such as this but overall the software works very well and SAP support will work you to resolve issues.

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Of course you are not the only one. Have a look here (Registration needed):

Sap Business One is good for selling (some good functionallity, well explained, while the CONS are not mentioned, and the customer supposes they are included), but not for finishing the installation.

This is, IMHO, becouse different sides:

- SAP is a BIG company, and as it is big, the error reporting process is slow, very slow. That´s why sometimes we even don´t report the bugs, becouse it is taking too much time from us, to explain the problem to many different people, and convincing them that it is a bug. And a lot of times they even don´t admit it is a bug. They call it functionallity.

- SBO is a worldwide software, with lots of localizations, and different functionallity plus the SDK support of this functionallity. So, fixing one simple bug could be related with so many aspects. And as it is a worldwide software, multiply the bug you found with the number of partners, and you will get lots of work hours.

- SAP is reinventing the wheel in some aspects of SBO. For example reports. First approach was document editing, which wasn´t a good designer and with a limited functionallity. Seccond one was ALD, which I personally didn´t like, and its discontinued nowadays. Then XL Reporter appear, which looks like a good tool, but not for every SBO user. Now looks like improving document editting is the future bet. We will se. We have developed a solution based on cristal reports some time ago, as many other partners has. When so many partners are going this way, something is not going OK.

- The development process is not productive. Much time to get not so much functionality.

But not everything is bad. We started in 6.5 version, and SBO is improving. Improving in functionallity, improving SDK avaiability, and improving stability. There is still much work to do, but we are on the way. This product is a future bet. The question is, will you be there?


Ibai Peñ

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Answers (1)

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Have a look at the demo jam session run at the last TechSummit in San Francisco. You can see it from the B1 SDN home page, then navigate into TechSummit and click on Demo Jam Session. You could see there plenty of ISVs that developed wonderful stuff with B1. And we just reached our 10,000th customer.

It is a very big piece of SW so I will not comment on the bugs you report. Pls report these issues to support. But keep in mind that this is a product localized for several countries.

And about the development environment we are pushing very hard to make it as productive as possible with all the dev and test tools we have published on SDN. More to come !

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We are working for about a year with SBO now, and yes, we did have some problems. We did start in SBO2004, and now are in SBO2005, and I must say, it's getting better. However the "chrashes" you describe I've never had. Sure, SBO chrashed sometimes, but that had to do with insufficient system resources (and sometimes bad programming of my addon... )

In your post you say R3 is great, but SBO not. But SBO isn't originally a SAP product, it's a product that is bought, and being improved by SAP. That means that SAP is working on it, to improve it, and since SAP originally has experience with big companies (R3) they now have to focus on the smaller companies, who work differently, and have different needs.

Also, more said, it's a product for many countries, but also, it's for a market that has little money to spend, and all have different requirements, so It will not be suitable for every company.

Like Ibai says, we are on the way, and there is much work to do. But we will get there, I'm sure of that...

And even Microsoft sees SBO as a serious threath for their products (i.e. Navision), that says something to, doesn't it...?

Kind regards,


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Please remember that SAP Business One is (still) quite new... With only 4 years (roughly) in the development, hvis is nothing compared the years of development for the SAP R3 and other (Navision, ect.)

The way to send out SBO in 40 countries at the same time is a bold move that was expected to give lots of problems these first few years...

But if you see in the development isolated for SAP Business One and compare the 6.2/6.5 2 years ago with brand new SBO2005A SP1, I know of no other system that have come so far in such a short time... And when SAP Start to consolidate the product with SBO2006A. Where stability and Perfomance is the main key point SBO will be an even more competitive solution compared to systems like Navision...