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SBO Failed to get database information from SLDClient SLDClientOP::GetCommonDBCredentials Exception

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I have error when login SAP Business One. Here is error

2024-05-28 16:48:01.099675 Sys Err I Biz SLDClient SLDClientOP::GetCommonDBCredentials SLD Client Exception code:7 message:function return is empty : GetCommonDBCredential # # TID=9348 sldclient.cpp 1152 Customized=0
2024-05-28 16:48:01.113425 Sys Err I Biz Failed to get database information from System Landscape Directory # # TID=9348 MID=234109629 Area=Authorization Customized=0
2024-05-28 16:48:01.120284 Genl Err I Tec LOG_GetCommonDBCredentials : get common db credential failed. # # TID=9348 palogin.c 2026 Customized=0

Please help me

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Bình 

It seems that the environment is affected by the scenario described in the notes. 

2950635 - Refresh Database User Is Required to Connect to an SAP Business One Company
2825180 - Database Connection Is Lost When Logging on to SAP Business One

  Please apply the solutions suggested in the notes, if the problem remains, remove the instance from the SLD:

+ Remove the instance from the SLD
  - Open the web explorer and go the address: =https://<server_address>:40000/ControlCenter=
  - Go to the tap "DB Instances and Companies"
  - Select the database instance.
  - Use the delete button.
  - Add the instance of the database again.
  - Reboot server tools

Check issue again.

If still having same issue, please check if SDRQ table is missing from SBO-COMMON database.

Thank You.

Kind Regards
Nidhi Singh
SAP Business One Support