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SBO DTW OEDG EDG1 Specific BP Discount Groups update

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Hello community

we are trying to add Specific BP Discount Groups to Item Groups using DTW via OEDG and EDG1 templates.

SAP B1 9.1 PL08

After many trials and errors we were able to load only partially:

1) first loaded all OEDG entries successfully, so all Specific BPs are there with all Item Groups set to 0% discount.

2) updated the first BP entries using EDG1:

but we are not able to load any more entries for other BPs from EDG1 no matter what we change in AbsEntry, LineNum, or other columns (or in OEDG).

This is the data for the second BP, similar to the first, except it has less entries (note that we have tried LineNum starting at 0 with no luck, 100 is just the number of entries from first BP):

DTW load usually fails with:

but it can also fail with

10000146 - Enter Valid code65171 for any key

Another user or another operation modified data; to continue, open the window again(ODBC -2039)65171

Querying table OEDG shows all 4546 rows that were loaded (sample below):

First 20 entries (not shown) are for Customer Groups.

We have about 65000 rows in EDG1 so we can not enter them manually.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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Answers (1)

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Found the problem!.

There are duplicates in the ObjectCode (column E) of EDG1.

And the LineNum should restart from zero for each new AbsEntry.