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Save ALV Variant in Selection Variant in Tcode S_ALR_87012178

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We have switched into ALV Display for Tcode S_ALR_87012178 (Customer open Item Analysis by Balance of Overdue Items).

This was made possible by Ticking "ACCESSIBILITY MODE" in the user parameters.

With this mode, we have a new field available on the selection screen : "List Variant".

We have created and saved a list variant  : when we enter it on the selection screen, it works fine.

Then I have created and saved a selection variant (including the List variant).

When I come back to the selection screen and get the selection variant, I can see that the name of the ALV Variant appears in the "List variant" Field.

Therefore, when I run the transaction, this List variant is not activated (but it works if I overwrite it manually on the List variant" field) ???



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Serge,

Please see OSS Note 1554718 - RFDOPR10/RFKOPR10: Layout is not transferred from selection, maybe its helpfull.

Best Regards!

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Hi Mgitur,

We have implemented this note and it works fine ! Thanks a lot.

It seems that you are much better than me in searching for OSS notes 🙂



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