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SAP Workcenter formula

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Hello Team

we have fixed formula in work center to manufacture 1000 pc system will take 100 min to produce, but when we receives actual order of 800 pieces system still calculates for the formula we set earlier for 1000 pcs and 100 mins.

do we have such formula in SAP so that system calculate the actual pieces every time.

e.g. for 2000 pcs the manufactures time will be 200 minute ?

Br, Kiran U

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Answers (1)

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Dear Kiran,

Can you tell which formula you are using?

The standard capacity formula we use in SAP = Operation Qty * Machine Time.

Machine Time you maintain as standard value key formula parameters in the WC

In routing you maintain the machine time.

System will automatically calculate the time based on Production Qty.

This is SAP standard functionality.