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SAP WM-QM Integration - When is Auto TO possible versus Not?

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Dear Gurus!

Please help! I am new to QM, and we have the same issue as here

And as I see there were no answers, but maybe someone have the solution?

Briefly speaking the issue is next: We do inspection lot, and post sample from it using 331 movement type. All settings are made for automatic TO creation, but this doesn't happen. We see in ls26 that this sample is in 917 storage type (like interim one).

We see Transfer requirement only. After using lb10 we do TO in backround and TO is created. I have read different SAP notes and all settings comply with them, but still no auto TO created.

Have you faced with similar errors? How did you solve it?

Thank you!

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If you had read several SAP notes then you should have seen that many of them are pointing to setup email notification as this is the only way to know about the root cause

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Auto TO is a WM configuration issue. We can't do it under the QM configuration.

I would suggest you get your WM person to work with you.

Typically, you can have the TO created and have it auto processed.

It can usually get created with no problems. But it can only be auto processed if there is no ambiguity in what needs to happen. An example is where you want to post samples. You get two pallets of a item that comes in cases. Lets say your WM design is to create each pallet as a separate storage unit. The system can't auto process the TO because it has no way of knowing which SU the sample qty came from. Did the sample(s) all come from one pallet? Which one? Should it be split across both pallets?

It could be worse if your design makes each case it's own SU. You might have 20 cases per pallet. Now you have 40 SU's. If you took samples from say every 6th case you took samples from cases 1,7,13, 19 on the first pallet and cases 25,31,37 on the second.

It really depends on your WH design. Some places don't use SU's. What if the material requires two or more bins? From which bin were the samples removed from?

So the key is ambiguity. If there is any ambiguity at all, the user must process the TO's manually.

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