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SAP to HFM integration

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Hello Everyone,

Currently, we are sending G/L data flat file from SAP to HFM for Consolidation process. The data is being send from Standard program through Background job. We do not send data on real time basis . We do see some user issue examples default layout changed or variant changed .

As our Organization is growing , we have more data to send from SAP to HFM . Also, we are doing HFM upgrade to cloud so there is a chance of process improvement

I have below two question regarding process improvement.

  1. is it more feasible to send data from custom report rather than standard report ? what are the pros and Cons sending data from custom report VS Standard ?
  2. should we make direct connection with HFM rather than using flat file ? what are the Pros and Cons of implementing direct connection ?
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hi saanupatel26

while you wait for a FI person's opinion here is mine as a backup:

1)ppl write books on custom report VS Standard but the long story short is you will likely need the custom to be flexible with your organization's requirements

2)yes, you should definitely make direct connection with HFM considering your HFM upgrade and here are the pros

  • security (i'm surprise that your still using flat files for financial data 🙂 )
  • infrastructure cost savings (i mean ROI etc.etc.)
  • business process improvement (deeper control from source to target)

...and you know what? considering your future scenario (more data to send, upgrade+migration to cloud of HFM) I dont see any cons 😉


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Hi Priyank,

I've worked on a few SAP / HFM integration projects and what works well is to construct the HFM data in SAP. This means you bring the HFM characteristics into SAP. From a process perspective this means that your finance team has the ability to drill down to the underling SAP transactional data from the HFM data as it all sits in SAP. The clients we did this for weren't really interested in the loading of the data being file based, they were more interested in the ability to analyse the finance data. If you do want to automate the load, there are HFM Java API's that you can use to write Web Services to automatically load the data from SAP.