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SAP Subscription Billing

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Hello Experts,

I have a question about uploading the customer details into SAP using Data Migration Cockpit for a customer who has Subscription Billing solution in place.

We are using SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud, SAP Subscription Billing and Event Broker for the replications.

There is this Data Migration Cockpit Templates with SAP S/4. If we are having Subscription Billing solution for a project and customer created in Sub Bill and replicated in S/4. How do we approach loading the customers from their current system to SAP? Should all customers be loaded into Sub Bill first then replicated that into S/4 or directly feed in SAP S/4 via data migration template?

If we are using the data migration template for Customer directly to load data into S/4 is there a way to replicate that in Subscription Billing? Is the replication being unidirectional or bidirectional?

Please Advise.

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Please advise.


Brinda S

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Hi @Brinda911 ,

As the S/4Hana Public Cloud is the master of the Customer Data for Subscription Billing, you can load the Customers first in S/4Hc via Data Migration Cockpit and then you can trigger the replication of the Customers to Sap Subscription Billing. To trigger the Replication you can use the Apps "Replicate by Replication Model" or "Replicate by Object Selection". If needed you can apply different filters also in case not all the Customer Data should be Subscription Billing relevant. In the 57z integration scenario, the replication is unidirectional, S4c -> SB.

After the migration load, for individual cases during the business activities the replication should happen automatically if all the settings are done correctly.  

Best regards,


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@shpresimshabaj Appreciate that, thanks for your prompt response. Is the data load you mentioned is same for products too? Upload all products in S/4 then replicate to Sub Bill using these two apps mentioned? If that's the case how the subscriptions and those parameters will be added when we replicate from S/4 to Sub Bill?

Also, one more question, is there any monitoring platform to check these real time replication errors or details for us to trackback and resolve it?

@stefan_kiene SAP Subscription Billing SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, subscription order management SAP S/4HANA SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Sales 


Hi @Brinda911,

For the product master data, SAP Subscription Billing is the master system. So the products should be initially in SB manually created and can be via iFlow to S4/Hc replicated. You have to maintain the Sales parameters manually in S/4c as a followUp step. 

You can monitor the replication in CPI or later in S4c via the App "Message Dashboard - SAP Application Interface Framework"



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Sounds good, but still, I'm not very clear on how to replicate these without seamlessly. Only for test I'm doing because I don't feel confident to talk about uploading the customers data if we get so many basic issues like this.

For example, in our S4 system we do have test customers and test products data and for me to have clear understanding I tried to replicate one product and one business partner from S4 to Subscription Billing and when I check the monitoring status or display replication status app it shows me the below error.

The below image is when I tried to replicate a product, attached is the error message and communication scenario for product.




I used "Replicate by Object Selection" app to perform the above operations.

For Business Partner replication again, I get below error messages from S4 to Subscription Billing, attached is the error message and what communication scenario used.


Can you please advise if the above errors are because the iFlow or MDI or integration is not setup properly? Where can we see the detailed error messages related to these replications? I tried message monitoring in S4, but it doesn't show me any error messages.

@shpresimshabaj @stefan_kiene SAP Subscription Billing SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, subscription order management SAP S/4HANA SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Sales SD (Sales and Distribution) SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA 




Hi Brinda911,

Firstly are you using CPI or MDI for master data replication? We suggest you choose only one tool for data integration. Refer setup details in chapter 7 and 8 in 57z Setup. If you are not sure which tool used in current integration process, please check which communication system used in communication arrangement. 

And as shpresimeshabaj mentioned. For product master data, we only support products replication from subscription billing to S4/HC. After setting up ready, creating or updating products in subscription billing will trigger those products replicate to S4/HC. 

Regarding business partner replication. You can ignore the error "Replicationships not replicated" . According to the success message "message xxxxx with 3 data records was transferred to PI", the BP replication should work. You can check in subscription billing if the BP already there. You can monitor success/error messages in S4 app "Monitor Message Overview", note the message namespace interfaces are " /CMDBP - BP_OUT" and "/CMDBP - BPCONF_IN". (If no message shows , you need to assign the recipients to your S4/HC user, refer to detail in Assigning recipients to users | SAP Help Portal).

Both for Product and BP replication, You can monitor success or error message in S4/HC as mentioned, and you also could monitor in CPI or CALM (Depends on which tool you used). Refer to Integration Monitoring | SAP Help Portal and Monitoring Master Data Replication in SAP Cloud ALM | SAP Help Portal