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SAP Subscription Billing S/4HANA Public Cloud

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Hello Experts,

We have a customer that has SAP Subscription Billing, S/4HANA Public Cloud solution in place. 

For the integration part they have Salesforce integration with SAP Subscription Billing and S/4.

One clarification I have here is we are facing lot of challenges with SAP Subscription Billing having Event Broker, replication issues in place and customer wants to go live in a couple of months which is not realistic to happen for these issues to be resolved.

The products that this customer have has all the subscription services they do but is there a way we can skip using Subscription Billing and directly create Subscriptions using API calls in S/4? First question is, is this possible and second question is how to approach this subscriptions items till invoicing? Because I tried by creating a sales order or sales contract, but system didn't allow because there was no assigned combination of item category maintained for the subscription items.

Please advise on the above. @stefan_kiene @shpresimshabaj 

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Brinda S

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @Brinda911 

another aspect of your question: Subscriptions cannot be created "in S/4HANA Cloud" only.
You have to create and maintain the in SAP Subscription Billing. The task of SAP Subscription Billing is to manage the subscription live-cycle and to create the input for invoicing, like e.g. the monthly recurring charges or the usage charges. 

Only if your frontend does the subscription management and (pre-)billing, you could skip the subscriptions and integrate the rated items from your frontend directly into S/4. 

The solution order is the tool to go in case you either have the need to sell different types of products together in one document (like sales, service and subscriptions) or if you want to make use of enhanced orchestration and order management capabilities. 

Otherwise, you might consider creating the subscriptions directly from Salesforce in SAP Subscription Billing using the APIs. 

In both cases you need to make sure, that basic master data like products and customers are synchronised between S/4HANA Cloud and Susbcription Billing according to the provided standard integration.

Best regards