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SAP Shippping Point

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I am doint STO inter Companuy. I'm crating purchase order , I get this error"

"Not possible to determine shipping point for item 00010"

Loading group is already defined in Material master

How to solve this error can anybody help?

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Before posting further queries, please have a look at How To ask a Question where the very first point says to search first. It has been answered many times in SCN and you need to put some efforts to find out answer to your query on your own as a first step.

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Please check the following:

1- Shipping Condition + Loading Group + Plant + Shipping Point (Tcode OVL2)

2- Material is extended to the required Sales Area (TCode MM02)

3- In Customer Master in 'Partners' Tab, check "Ship-to party" is assigned to customer. If not go to Partner determination in SPRO and check Partner "Determination Procedure Assignment" is assigned to Customer Account Group.