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SAP Services to find the details of company code and Bank Account related to the company Code


I have been looking for severals services in SAP but not finding the one i was looking for.

I need the details of a company Code: Bankkonto, bankcode and so on.

This API was not helpful



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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @paule_ktpi , 

thank you for your question. Without further context as for the objective or purpose for which you are looking to get bank data associated with a company code it is not immediately clear which APIs to recommend.

A company might make its own company code data available via this API: Company Code - ReadOverview | Company Code - Read | SAP Business Accelerator Hub.

A company might make its bank connections externally available via this API: Bank - ReadOverview | Bank - Read | SAP Business Accelerator Hub

The company code associated with a business partner is found via the API Business_Partner_API, depending on the BP, the method for customer or supplier may have to be used:


  • To find all banks use API_BUSINESS_PARTNER/A_BusinessPartnerBank
  • Details of a specific bank you'd find with method /A_BusinessPartnerBank(BusinessPartner='{BusinessPartner}',BankIdentification='{BankIdentification}') with BankIdentification being a 4 digit number like '0001'

In case you have a specific journal entry available, that should give you a useful combination of some of  these data, like company code, supplier or customer business partner number.  One API to access those (if available at customer) is API Accounting Document - Read