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SAP Service Masters

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I have a two questions related to the use of Service Masters :

1. How can they best be used in production planning ? EG. If I am making an item and one step is to send the item out for a coating process which is always the same for that Item. How can I use Service Master to treat that coating process as if it were a material and auto-populate texts, attach standard specifications/procedures, set the price. My goal is to be able to aggregate, forecast and plan the coating processes so that I can give the external vendor better datail on exactly what I will need and when I will need it based on my production plan.

2. Is it possible to use any sort of Source Determination for Services ?. I want to to be able to use functionality such as Source Lists to automate or streamline the assignment of specific services to specific vendors.

Thanks in advance !

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Production planning process used for material   where raw material or semi-finished material used to produce finished goods.

1. But service/service mater is an intangible material where services cannot be stored - so  production planning not suitable.(cross check material type properties)

2. You can use service contract or can maintain the info record for service with service material group- then create further service PR from service contract or create service PO from service contract for your vendor.

More refer

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