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SAP SD End User Doubts (Fresher)

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I have raised a Invoice to the wrong customer in SAP 30 days ago. I need to re-correct it. I know the procedure for cancelling the documents

1. VF09 - Canel billing

2. VL09 - Reversing the stock

3. VL02N - cancelling the delivery

4. VA02 - Cancel sale order.

I want to know the procedure for creating the Invoice on same date for the other customer. And the documents should be reversed on the same date on which I have created the wrong Invoice and the same date I need to create the new invoice?

Could you please help me out from this?

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As long as the MM and FI periods are open, this is very much possible. In fact, while reversing the PGI, in VL09, you have an option to change the PGI date where you have to change manually, else, system will increase the stock to current date.