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SAP Script & Smart forms

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Hi All,

How to find out in a particular object whether SAP scripts or smart forms are used?

If forms are used is there any t.code to find out which type of form is used?


Vamsi P

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Vamsi,

<b>SAP scripts and SMARTFORMS - both serve the same purpose.</b>

SMARTFORMS were introduced since the release of SAP 4.7. Earlier to that it was only SAP scripts for designing layouts. SMARTFORMS have few additional benefits in terms designing over scripts.

Now, coming to your questions - Every Script or a SMARTFORM has a driver program. i.e. Smart form/Script has to be called into a program. And this Driver program is in turn assigned to the relevant output type, And the output type is assiged to appropriate level of a transaction i.e. at the header level of an order or invoice etc.

T-code: SE71 is used to design SAP script.

T-Code: SMARTFORMS is used for designing Smart Forms.

To find out whether a script or Smartform is used in any particular have to look into the <b>Driver program</b> that is assiged to the output type.

Hope this helps..............




Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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To my knowledge, we have to see the name of the form attached to the program. Then go to se71 and search if found it is a script else if found in t.code smartform then it is a smart form.