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SAP Script issue in quality (Revised - Saved)

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Hi All,

We are facing an issue in SAP Scripts,

We made some logic changes in DEV environment and made a Client Copy the changes moved to Unit Test Client and Script is working fine,
but when we import the transports to Quality the changes are not moved to quality and the Script still is in Revised and Saved Status.

No matter how many times we import the TR to quality, the changes were not imported.

Thank you,

Narasaiah T

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We ran into similar issues in our system and on my search I failed to find the solution from any of the other similar questions. This question however showed up in search engine multiple times, so I will tell what our issue and fix was even if this original question likely has been fixed by time. This is OS level issue and fix, so there is value in exhausting other answers to similar threads before going through this, as your solution might be much more simple.

Sapscript form was correctly activated in SE71 before transport, with status "Active - Saved". Transporting the activation request from dev client 400 into test client 400 gave no errors during transport, but instead of the from becoming active in test, it was saved as a version with status "Revised - Saved", while the "Active - Saved" version in test remained with no changes. In addition, the "Revised - Saved" status form had SAP as creator and changer, instead of what was on the original form.

Multiple versions of the from could be checked from SE71 -> displaying form -> Utilities -> Versions.

After verifying everything was fine with the form and transport, I recreated the transport myself and imported it in test using Synchronous import execution selection from TMS (which I've found very handy when there are unclear issues with requests) and was greeted with a OS level error, pointing to the TMS not being able to read a very old log file for request. In our system scope, this error was logical, and the key takeaway is that this issue can be caused by OS level issues with transport file access as well. These OS level issues do not usually show in transport logs on GUI level in my experience.

After applying corrections on OS level (setting appropriate access rights to relevant files) I re-imported the form and it went correctly to status "Active - Saved" in test system. We had no issues with other transports, but for some reason, this Sapscript form absolutely needed to get into that old log file that had old premissions before it activated the form correctly.