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SAP SAC DataAction dimension Member property filter using IF when it has multiple values

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I have created a additional properties on Cost center dimension, in one of the property "ALLOCTYPE" has the multiple values and they are separated by comma for further data processing criteria will be defined in Advanced formula. I tried filter those values using If condition something like as follows.

In the given Costcenter dimension property ALLOCTYPE had muliple values for a specific Costcenter based on its usage in allocations.(Ex: "WH","CE"..etc)

CC                    ALLOCTYPE

YYYYY              WH,CE


The above statement not producing any results, although it is validated with out any errors. Please let me know if there is any work around in filtering the cost center using its property which is maintained with multiple values.


Thanks in Advance,






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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi narendar_vuppalapati , 

   As far as I understand, currently advance formula is NOT capable of such string type of calculation. It's still recommend to use multiple dimension property fields to achieve your requirements.  

Best regards, William