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SAP Reports: Accounts Receivable and Credit Management

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Good Afternoon Folks-

Can anyone give me a listing of all the AR and Credit Management Reports and what they tell?

I cannot find anything that tells me this report is good for DSO, etc.


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Answers (3)

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figured it out


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Thank you Sridhar,

Is there any documentation that explains how to use these reports? Is there a 'best practices'? In addition, I am looking for a robust Detail AR Aged Trial Balance.


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Hi Albert, i´m tryin to get a AR and AP detailed trial balance or reports on SAP but since mine is in spanish is a little bit dificult but could you please give me the steps that you have so i could be able to figure it out.

Thank you.

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To View the Reports in Accounts Receivable , here is the menu path

Accounting - Financial Accounting - Customers - Information System - Reports for Accounts Receivable Accounting

Customer Balances

S_ALR_87012167 - Accounts Receivable Information System

S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency

S_ALR_87012186 - Customer Sales

S_ALR_87012169 - Transaction Figures: Account Balance

S_ALR_87012170 - Transaction Figures: Special Sales

S_ALR_87012171 - Transaction Figures: Sales

Customers: Items

S_ALR_87012168 - Due Date Analysis for Open Items

S_ALR_87012197 - List of Customer Line Items

S_ALR_87012173 - List of Customer Open Items for Printing

S_ALR_87012174 - List of Customer Open Items

S_ALR_87012175 - Open Items - Customer Due Date Forecast

S_ALR_87012176 - Customer Evaluation with OI Sorted List

S_ALR_87012177 - Customer Payment History

S_ALR_87012178 - Customer Open Item Analysis by Balance of Overdue Items

S_ALR_87012198 - List of Cleared Customer Items for Printing

S_ALR_87012199 - List Of Down Payments Open On Key Date - Customers

Master Data

S_ALR_87012179 - Customer List

S_ALR_87012180 - Address List

S_ALR_87012182 - Display Changes to Customers

S_ALR_87012183 - Display/Confirm Critical Customer Changes

S_ALR_87012195 - Customer Master Data Comparison

For Credit Management, the menu path is

Accounting - Financial Accounting - Customers - Credit Management - Credit management info system

F.31 - Overview

F.33 - Brief overview

F.32 - Missing data

FCV3 - Early warning list

FDK43 - Master data list

S_ALR_87012215 - Display changes to credit management

S_ALR_87012218 - Credit master sheet

This is for Ecc 5.0. to know more about the particular report, click on the program documentation (Shift + F1). The icon is in blue color and ' i ' is what u have to select to know more information about the report.

Hope it helps.