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SAP QM QE01 - Result Recording issue - scope not fixed

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Hi QM experts!

I am facing the issue with the QE01 tcode, while result recordning. My caracteristic has a "scope not fixed" indicator marked. I have the sampling prcedure n=1. While result record the system doesnt allow me to regitster more then 1 result. The "Sigle result" dropdown is blurred, not letting me enterring more then one result.

With the sampling procedure n=2 I am able to multiple the results as much I want.

I am not sure if there is any OSS Note for that problem, once I searched and haven´t came across any.

Anyone familiar with that problem?

I apreciate any hint,

best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the control indicators of this MIC you need to set 'Single result' to enter multiple results.

Other than that, I assume you talk about Plant level settings when you say sampling procedure n=1.

I would like to know how & where have you maintained it as n=2?

Correct me if my understanding is not clear.


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Hi Karen,

yes, my caracteristics are checked for "single results" record.

What I meant by N=1, N=2 is the size of my sampling procedure. While using samling procedure of size fixed=1, I can not regiser more then one result, even though caracteristic is marked as "scope not fixed / single results.

And when I use the sample procedure size Fixed=2 (QDV1) for the same caracterisic I am able to register 2 results / 4 /6..etc. as many I as intend to.

What  am tryin to figure out here, why the system doesnt let me register more then one result in the first senario, seems like a bug to me.

thank you for your valuable input. Any suggestions?

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Please check you plant level setting. In Result recording tab uncheck Summ. Recording for n=1.



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Problem solved,

Thank you Manish!

best regards


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