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SAP Production external processing

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we have external processing scenario for one of the operation in production order. Client has to send the semi finished material ( out put of first operation which produced in house, but not having any material as this is still work in progress) as material text in purchase requisition with material number blank. Since we do not have any material assigned to production order external processing operation, hence component is blank in PR, due to this system not allowing to convert PR to Purchase order. Please suggest how to proceed.


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I should like to add an option 4: even though your scope implies "External processing with subcontracting", you could treat it as pure "External processing", i.e. without setting the subcontracting flag in the operation. This allows you to create a PR and convert it to PO without any components assigned to it, i.e. a pure service if you like. The WIP material you could maintain in the operation text. Main disadvantage: zero stock control.