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SAP Process Intelligence Imports not separating Activities from csv excel file

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I have been manually formatting my imported .csv excel files (ServiceNow) before importing them to SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. I have made my files in the same format that was given in the eLearning exercise excel sheets. I have been unsuccessful getting the Process Intelligence Investigation to separate the "activities" as the sample excel sheets have done. I can only get one "Activity" to show. Any assistance on this matter would be much appreciated. 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi CLThomas, 

thank you for reaching out with this issue regarding importing into SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. Unfortunately this specific case has to be investigated further to see if there is an issue with the csv file you created or if the system is not behaving as expected. 

We thus kindly ask you to create a support ticket via SAP For Me!

Thank you!