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SAP PRD and KDM Question

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Hi expert,

I actived in transaction OBYC the key KDM. In the OMRW I left blank the field ERD.

So my material is set with the standard price. When I post the Miro, the system post the amount in KDM key, but the system via the note 331910

in this way affect the PRD key value.

So I would like that the system does not sum the value of KDM and PRD.

Thank you

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Even though you have configured to post the exchange rate differences to separate account by activating KDM account key in OBYC, the price difference of material between goods receipt and invoice receipt always posted to PRD. The configuration you set is only enables you to post the exchange rate amount to different account such are KDM-ERN & KDM-ERA. For your reference, I have added the screenshot of accounting entries from one of the similar case. I would recommend you to go through the attached link for your better understanding.

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