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SAP PP reuse handling unit during production

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I'd like to get some feedback to define the best way to solve my customers requirement:

My customer is using SAP PP in combination with Handling Unit management. Via a production order, material X (packed in Handling Unit 1234) will be converted into material Y. This material will also be packed into a Handling Unit.

Now, the Handling Unit ID of material X (in this case 1234) needs to be reused for material Y. The reason for this is that the Handling Unit ID is a unique ID which needs to be visible during the whole supply chain.

Two questions:

1. Is it possible to reuse the Handling Unit during this production step?

2. If not, are there any best practices in how to solve this?

Thanks & regards,

Amit Yadav

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Dear Amit,

You have 2 options:

1. From HUMO, you can do material transfer. So, the underlying material will change from X to Y, with movement type 309. But, this will be an inventory transfer and will hot P/L. Not sure finance allows 309 movements in your scenario.

2. You can unpack and pack again. i.e, edit the bundle and remove the material. The stock will go to intermediate location and bundle number will remain. The option is "delink" and should not use "delete".

After this, return the stock to order (102 or 532) and then produce new material. This is only to avoid 309 movement and the difference will hit production order. The new bundle can be packed back to same HU number from HUMO.