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SAP PP / PM work centers

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Dear Experts,

I am SAP PP consultant and I am very new to PM module.

I need in your advice regarding the work centers of PP and PM modules.

Here is the case:

Couple of months ago we finished the implementation of SAP PP in a factory and now our client is interested in implementation of PM module.

Since the factory has 8 small production lines we went with 8 Work centers with the category of 0007 (Production Line) in PP module created via CR01.

My question is:

1. Can we use these 8 work centers for PM work centers as well or we have to create new work centers using IR01 with the category of 0001 (Machine)?

2. What is the difference between these categories of work centers?

I do appreciate any kind of help or directions for my case.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Anar,

I assume you want to plan maintenance for those work center/machines in PM module. If that is the case, you do not need to define them as work centers, instead you need to think them as equipments and define them in IE01.

Work center is the place/person/machine or group of those, where you perform some direct and indirect activities and in PM that can be simply a PM personal. And activities of orders, that will be confirmed, are assigned to work centers. Therefore PP work centers will have different activities than PM work centers. And PM work centers are mostly maintenance personal.

There are nice courses on Udemy and also online tutorials. I suggest you to check them.

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Dear Beyhan,

Thank you for your reply and your suggestion for online tutorials. It definitely will help me a lot!