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SAP PP configuration FMCG

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Hi Experts,

I wanted to know the steps and best practices for implementing and configuring PP module in FMCG industry. I was thinking between PP-PI (process) and Discrete production as I've seen both running in FMCG industries, another option is Repetitive Manufacturing, so which one would be more preferable and their pros and cons. Also I'm thinking of Batch management so kindly let me know in regards of that. I've seen many posts regarding PP configuration but never for FMCG specific. It is a Biscuit manufacturing company, produces 6 different kinds of biscuits, only flavor is different, all processes are identical.



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Hi Shankar,

In buscuits ind you need to use batch managment. apart from this, check how long the order is running on shop floor, if the order is running for longer period of time than you can use REM.

Since it is a simple process, you can use REM or discrete both but you need to discuss with CO person.



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Hello Sankar,

As you only saying that 6 different types of biscuits they are processing hence it would be a PP-PI Situation..

here you have to consider how many Co-Product and By-Products you will be receiving after the production, if only one FG if you receive then better to go ahead with Discrete manufacturing



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Check the below link for basic difference between discrete and repetitive manufacturing,

The FMCG process of biscuit manufacturing would fall under process manfacturing industry.

Batch managemenet is integrated with process orders, so I would suggest you go for process order implementation.

I am not sure how well repetitive manfacturing is integrated with batch managemenet.

Best Regards,
Ameya Beri

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Hi Shankar,

When you are only dealing with manufacturing of 6 different kinds of biscuits, I would choose at first to investigate repetitive manufacturing with batch traceability. This is the least complicated solution.

Second best option would be PP-PI with the justification that it was designed for the process industry.

Regards, John