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SAP Onboarding functionality (pre-hire)

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Does anyone have any information on SAP's onboarding functionality? This pertains to the time period between when the candidate accepted an offer and their date of hire. Curious to know how SAP will allow these pre-hires to access ESS and complete forms if their BEGDA on INFT0 has not yet been hit.

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Create a User group for Applicants and assign roles to that group.



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thanks for this suggestion, however, doesn't the candidate need to have an INFT0 and 105 created and the BEGDA would be their actual start date? So assigning them to new user group/role wouldn't help unless we backdate the "start date" to be the date we want them to access certain portal pages right? Then if we backdated, wouldn't we have issues with time/pay?

Or - does being an applicant allow the candidate to have a user role assigned and they can access some of our ESS portal pages?

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We were looking at a custom solution for a similar requirement.

You can hire the applicant & keep his status as inactive or a custom status, so that payroll will not get affected, then you can create infotypes, & he/she can access the portals, etc.

Not sure though if this is possible, we are still in the planning process. but you can sure try it.