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SAP new GL - Segment field update in previously posted documents

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Hi there!

Is there any program to update the segment field in previously posted documents?

We implemented new GL in our company with profit center document splitting.  After one year of implementation we plan to have segment reporting, we assigned segments in profit center master data.  For new entries system is working fine and bringing segments in documents.

Many thanks in advance.



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In relation to your question, I’d like to share the following:

The segment field/characteristic is a new standard account assignment object which allows to give a detailed look at the various business activities.

The ERP system enables you to save a segment in the master date of a profit center.

The segment is posted to automatically when the profit center is posted to.

The segment is normally derived from profit center, but is not guaranteed that the combination of the profit center and segment is always the same as in the profit center master data.

The segment can be changed during the posting manually after it has been derived from the profit center or can also be substituted.

The derivation from the profit center is just a help to fill the segment with a default.

For previous documents posted, I think that there is no standard too to populate the segment field there.

Kind regards,


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Hi Arshad,

Segment field is controlled through Profit Center Master Data so substitution of segment is possible during the posting of Transactions i.e. if the Profit Center 1234 has segment ABCD, during the posting you have the ability to substitute ABCD segment to BCDE keeping the same profit center 1234.

However if you are saying whether we can change segment only after the document is already committed to the database and recorded in table it has to be a direct table update and not transactions.It not only have to change in Finance Document but also controlling document in order to have consistency. I have not noticed any sap program that correct Segment for posted document (Finance & Controlling Document) just like we have for Functional Area.

Thanks & Regards


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There is no standard tool to make updates in posted documents. Theoretically, you can delete NGL documents (FAGLFLEXA) and re-create them, providing that segment field is derived or pre-updated in FI tables, but all of this extremely dangerous and can be applied only after exhaustive tests. Also, if the documents are in already closed year, the update of totals may be messed up.