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SAP MRP Issue with Requirment Date Calculation

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Dear SAP Experts, I have a specific query w.r.t Requirments Date on the MD04 for a material (Finished Goods).

The FG material 05501142(A) shows a requriment date till October 2017 but the Raw material 08105075 (B) has a requirment date till March 2017 only and somehow as per user they should mirror each other.

Now from Troublwshooting point of view, can you please advise what areas I should be checking to figure out what is the cause of the Issue.

Note: The only thing I could find was that the FG material 05501142(A) has some other raw material with Indicator Assemble checked.

Could you please advise any solution?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The requirement date on the child material should be calculated according to the start date of the planned order of the parent material.

I did not see a screenshot of the planned order of the parent material, but this kind of issue generally happens when there is a huge lead time for your parent material. Therefore you should check your in-house production time and your routing, to check why there is such a huge lead time.

I see that your material 05501142 has MRP type X0, so these date may be calculated directly from APO.



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