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SAP MM purchase order delivery adress - vendor mandatory - CMMDA EMLIF

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Dear All,

In one of our systems, I'm facing an issue in purcahse orders.

When I want o use the "print preview" function, the system is asking for data fro from purchase order item >> delivery adress tab >> Address, Vendor.
Up to now, I never had to fullfill those data

Vendor >> Vendor to be supplied/who is to receive delivery >> CMMDA-EMLIF

Adress >> CMMDA-ADDR2

I'm really wondering why those are mandatory and where to customize it ?
Is it link to plant, company code, type of imputation, material master ?

I also do not understand why I can save the purchase order, complete release strategy, even proceed to good receipt without any issue but, especially when I do the print previe, system display this message and that is not on all PO in the system.
Just for specific cases.
If vendor field is not fulfilled, I'm got a "Vendor does not exists " (WY 026) message, when address is not fulfilled, I've a got a " Specify either address number or address handle"(AM053) Message

Thank you for kind help

Kind Regards


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When I read print preview then my first thought is "homemade" as most companies use their own print programs and forms.

Change it back to SAP standard and test if your still have the problem, if not, then you know it is caused by the development.

if you did not know yet, you can directly search for OSS notes from the long text window of an error message, see this blog:

Answers may be available by asking the colleagues who work in the same module on other projects.