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SAP Midmarket products -> Pricing and Hosting question

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I couldnt find a special thread for SAP Business byDesgin and other users posted their questions here, so I hope you nobody will mind when I do the same.

My question is relatively simple. I just want to know how much I would need to pay if I bought a Business byDesign System for 25 users.

I read 133u20AC/149$ per user per month, is that right so far ? In that amount maintenance and support are already inclusive.

But I could not find out how much the implementation is ( e.g. 800u20AC a man-day, 15 days = Business One ). I also could not find how much and how long the schooling / training will be. By Business One the takeover of the master data does also cost something. Whats about BbD in that point?

Referring to Business All-in-One: It exists on the one hand a configuration what creates the total costs for you but I could not find out what "Services" and "Server" includes. Is there already the annual maintenance and support inclusive ?

Keyword: Server -> I found a really good overview for the technical side of Business One including the architecture and the system requirements ( official pdf ) . But I can not find this for All-in-One or byDesign. Do you have a good hint for me?

And my last interest belongs to how byDesign is hosted now or will be hosted in the future. Details to that question would be very fine.

Well as you can see I am quite interested in SAP Midmarket products and I have read a lot about those but these some questions are still open and it would be a great pleasure to those answered (favored in German, but English is also no problem)

Bye Hans

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I suggest you to submit your inquiry to sap contact person e-mail to know more detail about business by design and its pricing including hosting.


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