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SAP Logon 740 - SAP Automatically got close after login into server.

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Software - SAP logon 740

When I tried to log into the Server it automatically got close without any warning.

Kindly provide a solution on how to overcome this issue.

Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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I am the only one getting issues.

PFA. Even My NWBC is not working.

I installed new software but was unable to resolve the issue.

I tried by below methods:

1. Control panel - Check Net frame 3.5 - restart

2. Re-installed Software 2-3 times - did not succeed.

Note: Operating system - Windows 10

Thank you

Rohan Naik

Active Participant
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SAPGui 7.40 is out of maintenance. Only 7.70 is supported by now. That does not mean you cannot logon with older versions, but without any logs or traces it's hardly possible to help you. Are there entries in the syslog or dumps? Is it just one user and for the rest it's working fine?

Best regards