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SAP kernel upgrade SAP 4.7 sR2 to NW7

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i downloaded the 47 kernel files SAPEXEDB_304-20001172.SAR and SAPEXE_304-20001172.SAR and installed the kernel file. if i check TP version from command level it shows me 340.16.62, but in SAP STMS it shows me 340.16.03. Can somebody explain what should i do?

and Can i know also if i can update SAP Kernel from 4.7 sr2 to NW7.0 without upgrading even started?

i am doing upgrade to ECC6 EHP4, in which process throws error. i am getting below error

ERROR: The upgrade needs a patched version of tp with version

number 340.16.05 or higher.

The tp in your active SAP kernel is either older or the

version could not be determined. Call it without any option

to determine the version.

If the version is too old, you have to replace it before

you can continue the upgrade.

Download the latest executable available from the SAP service

market place and update it before you continue.

Otherwise, the upgrade tools will be corrupted.

any help would be highly appreciated


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You should not replace kernel manually. Upgrade tool will do it itself.

Also, error you are getting is for tp version . Replace the tp executable in your kernel with latest one available on SMP for your kernel release.



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Hello Sunny i replaced these two files R3Trans and TP, still its showing me the Old version of TP and R3Trans?

Can you tell me if i am downloading the right thing for 4.7 SR2 (its an IDES release), i am downloading from below location

Support Packages and Patches - Entry by Application Group>> Additional Components>> SAP Kernel>> SAP KERNEL 64-BIT>> SAP KERNEL 6.40_EX2 64-BIT-> Windows Server on x64 64bit -> #Database independent



the process i am following is

1. Stop SAP server from mmc

2. Stop MSSQL server from Manager Studio

3. stop all services related to MSSQL and SAP services

4. Replace TP and R3Trans file

5. Start MSSQL and Services

5. Start SAP


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Hiii ,

Are you replacing the extracted files of kernel or just the 2 files which you have downloaded from sap? because you need to extract those 2 files in command level then copy manually and paste it in the kernel directory before doing that try to backup your kernel and look for the latest version by using R3trans -v in command level . I did the same thing for sap BW, SM, ECC systems with oracle data base.