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SAP ICR '003' Additional field for selection on 'net due date'

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we have recently upgraded to ECC6 EHP6 and we try to customize ICR 003 .

We do not use New ledger and we do not use any special ledger.

Accountants are use to reconciliate customers/vendors (without ICR) and selecting open items but limited to a specific "net due date".

For example, they want to reconciliate the open items for the closing of October with only the open items with net due date < 05.11.2014 (D+5 of the month end of the closing) = > they do not want to see / reconciliate open items with net due date > 05.11.2014

I would like to have in FBICR3 only the open items with this selection on the net due date.

With FBICR011 I thought I could add the field "net due date" but only field stored in BKPF / BSEG are available and as far as I know the 'net due date' is never stored in SAP tables but always calculated.

So my question is the following :

1- Is it possible to add in the data selected for ICR the 'net due date' in order to select only open items of vendors/customers with a net due date < D+5 of my month end closing?

2- If we have to recalculate it, do you know which module function I can use to calculate the 'net due date' as it's calculated in FBL1N/ FBL5N ?

Thank you for your help

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Hello Marc,

I suggest the following approach:

#1 Add field ZZNETDT with data element NETDT to your data model (FBIC006).

#2 Implement BADI method CHANGE_DATA_TABLE for event '2'. Use function module DETERMINE_DUE_DATE to calculate the net due date. Delete the items according to your requirements.

Use the where-used list for DETERMINE_DUE_DATE to see how this needs to be implemented and which other fields you need to add to your data model so the due date can be calculated for your items.

You could implement the logic to be different for quarter or year-end closing.