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Sap Helpers...Please give me brief solution.....

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Hi GM for everyone....

Can you give me brief information about what is the difference between SAP ERP and My SAP ERP?

adv thx


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Venkat,

SAP R/3 :

SAP R/3 is SAP's integrated software solution for client/server and distributed open systems. SAP's R/3 is the world's most-used standard business software for client/server computing.

R/3 stands for Real Time and 3-tier architecture.

mySAP :

In SAP's words " is an open collaborative business environment of personalized solutions on demand"

In our words, is actually a collection of three things.

a) The Marketplace is a website where buyers and sellers can register themselves, and then buy and sell from each other.

b) The Workplace is a piece of software which sits on your desktop, and allows you (after ity is setup correctly) to gain access to all of the systems you use in your company. It is, naturally, tightly integrated with both SAP and the Marketplace.

c) is also the umbrella name for all of SAP's internet-enabled applications,,sid21_gci523977,00.html



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Answers (1)

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Hello Venkata Krishna,

SAP ERP has followinf features & functions.

End-user service delivery – User-friendly interfaces and simplified access to information empower employees and managers while boosting motivation, productivity, and efficiency. SAP ERP offers manager self-services with the SAP Manager Self-Service application and employee self-services with the SAP Employee Self-Service application, as well as employee interaction center support.

(ii) SAP ERP Financials – Ensure compliance and predictability of business performance – so your organization can gain a deeper financial insight across the enterprise and tighten control of finances. SAP ERP Financials automates financial and management accounting and financial supply chain management. The solution also provides rigorous support for corporate-governance mandates such as Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley.

(iii)SAP ERP Human Capital Management – Optimize your HR processes with a complete, integrated, and global human capital management (HCM) solution. SAP ERP provides this HCM solution for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. You can maximize the potential of your workforce, while supporting innovation, growth, and flexibility. The SAP ERP HCM solution automates talent management, core HR processes, and workforce deployment – enabling increased efficiency and better compliance with changing global and local regulations.

(iv)SAP ERP Operations – Manage end-to-end procurement and logistics business processes for complete business cycles – from self-service requisitioning to flexible invoicing and payment – optimizing the flow of materials. SAP ERP Operations also helps discrete and process manufacturers manage the entire life cycle of product development and manufacturing. The solution automates the entire manufacturing process and reduces costs by controlling and adapting the manufacturing process in real time – and increases customer satisfaction by delivering higher-quality products.

(v) SAP ERP Corporate Services – Helps organizations manage their most cost-intensive corporate functions by supporting and streamlining administrative processes in the areas of real estate; enterprise assets; project portfolios; corporate travel; environment, health, and safety compliance; quality; and global trade services. SAP ERP Corporate Services is a complete and integrated solution that maximizes transparency and control, while reducing financial and environmental risks and enhancing safety of employees.

Performance management – Support the entire life cycle of performance management, delivering real-time, personalized measurements and metrics to improve business insight and decision making. SAP ERP supports financial analytics, operations analytics, and workforce analytics, as well as consolidated financial and statutory reporting; planning, budgeting, and forecasting, strategy management and scorecards, and risk management.



The mySAP ERP application is the follow-up product to SAP® R/3® software. mySAP ERP 2005 is the target release for customers considering upgrades of their current SAP R/3 systems.

The latest ERP solution from SAP delivers significant product enhancements for financial management, human capital management, procurement and logistics, product development and manufacturing, sales and service, and other corporate services.

In addition, mySAP ERP is powered by the SAP NetWeaver® platform, a composition platform that allows organizations to build new business solutions rapidly while realizing more business value from existing IT investments. SAP NetWeaver supports new cross-functional business processes, helping lower your total cost of ownership by reducing the need for custom integration and offering complete life-cycle management for your applications. As the foundation for enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA), it helps align people, information, and business processes across organizational and technological boundaries.

mySAP ERP is a world-class, integrated ERP application that addresses the core business software requirements of the most demanding midsize and large organizations in all industries and sectors.With the new release, mySAP ERP 2005, SAP is delivering more than 300 functional enhancements that add the following value to your business:

New functionality and improved processes – Major improvements in financials, human capital management, procurement and logistics, product development and manufacturing, sales and service, corporate services, and analytics as well as industry-specific functionality that can be adopted as your business needs them

(ii)Information worker productivity – A way of connecting people directly to processes and delivering the information and functionality they need to be highly productive and make the right decisions.

(iii) Architecture that adapts to change – Architecture that’s built on SAP NetWeaver and enterprise service–enabled, allowing you to innovate and adapt to changing business requirements with greater speed and at lower cost.

(iv) Proven and low-risk upgrades – Proven, cost-effective upgrade path with tools honed through years of experience, packaged services to help plan and execute upgrades, and a fully prepared service organization and ecosystem partners

With mySAP ERP, you also have the opportunity to reduce the total cost of ownership by simplifying your IT landscape through systems consolidation, maximizing SAP standard functionalities by replacing custom modifications and homegrown interfaces to legacy applications. For example, you can deploy new functionalities of mySAP ERP incrementally and leverage preset defaults. In addition, the latest release of mySAP ERP reduces your reliance on expensive third-party applications to support financial reporting, e-learning, e-procurement, and other emerging business

Hope I had been able to help you. Please assign points.