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SAP HCM Reports

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Dear all,

Let me know the available standard reports (Info systems) in HCM module.

Let me know the way where we can get the list of reports like websites and portals etc.

Thanks in advance

Saranya Saravanan

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try this

SAP EASY ACCESS >SAP menu >Information Systems >Human Resources >Reports

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Thanks for your info.

It would be great help for me

Is there any T Code in sap to get the tcodes or reports in module wise?

If you aware of this, plz let me know

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Please find the list of infotypes according to the HR Sub Modules.

PA Infotypes

0000 Actions

0001 Org. Assignment

0002 Personal Data

0003 Payroll Status

0006 Addresses 1 Home

0006 Addresses 2 Temporary

0006 Addresses 4 Emergency

0006 Addresses Z1 Leisure

0008 Basic Pay

0016 Contract Elements

0021 Family Member/Dependents 1 Spouse

0021 Family Member/Dependents 2 Child

0022 Education

0023 Other/Prev. Employers

0024 Qualifications

0025 Appraisals

0041 Date Specifications

0105 Communication 1 System User Name

0105 Communication 2 SAP2

0105 Communication 7 Phone number

0105 Communication 8 Mobile

0105 Communication 5 Fax

0106 Communication 9 Old personnel number

0105 Communication 10 E-mail

OM Infotypes

1000 Object

1001 Relationships

1002 Description

1003 Department/Staff

1004 Character

1005 Planned Compensation

1006 Restrictions

1007 Vacancy

1008 Acct. Assignment Features

1009 Health Examinations

1010 Authorities/Resources

1011 Work Schedule

1013 Employee Group/Subgroup

1014 Obsolete

1015 Cost Planning

1016 Standard Profiles

1017 PD Profiles

1018 Cost Distribution

1019 Quota planning

1021 Prices

1023 Availability Indicators

1024 Capacity

1025 Deprec. Meter/Validity

1026 Business Event Info

1027 Site-Dependent Info

1028 Address

1029 Business Event Type Info

1030 Procedure

1031 Room Reservations Info

1032 Mail Address

1033 Scale

1034 Name Format

1035 Schedule

1036 Costs

1037 Billing/Allocation Info

1038 External Key

1039 Shift Group


1041 Business Event Blocks

1042 Schedule Model

1043 Appraisal Model Info

1044 Result Definition

1045 Rating

1046 Requirements Attributes

1047 Processing Modules

1048 Proficiency Description

1049 Requirements Attributes

1050 Job Evaluation Results

1051 Survey Results

1055 Qualification Management

1060 Business Event Demand

1061 Web Link

1062 Knowledge Link

1063 Info Business Event Grp

1070 Application area



1201 WF Object Method

1205 WF Workflow Definition

1206 WF Work Item Text

1207 Customer Task,replaces TS

1208 SAP Organizational Object

1209 Cost Data

Object types

AP Applicant

B Development Plan

BL Development Plan Group

C Job

D Business event type

F Location

L Business event group

O Organizational unit

P Person

Q Qualification

QK Qualification group

S Position

T Task

TG Task group

US User

VA Appraisal Template

VB Criteria Group

VC Criterion

List of Transaction Codes :

APPCREATE Create Appraisal

APPDELETE Delete Appraisal

APPSEARCH Appraisals

APPTAKEBACK Reset Appraisal Status to 'Active'

HRCMP0005 Approve Compensation Adjustments

HRCMP0007 Activate Compensation Adjustments

HRCMP0013 Budget Structure Maintenance: Change

HRWPC_FC_EXEC Execute F Code in MSS

HRPDV00REPORT0001 Maintained Qualifications

KS03 Display cost center

KS13 Cost Centers: Master Data Report

OAAD ArchiveLink Administration Documents

OOQ4 Maintain Career Model

OOQA Maintain Qualification catalog

PA00 Initial PA Master Data Menu

PA03 Maintain Personnel Control Record

PA10 Personnel File

PA20 Display HR Master Data

PA30 Maintain HR Master Data

PA40 Personnel Actions

PA41 Change Entry/Leaving Date

PA42 Fast Entry for Actions

PA70 Fast Entry

PEPM Profile Matchup

PEPP Profile

PHAP_ADMIN_PA Administrator function

PHAP_CATALOG_PA Apprisal Template catalog

PHAP_CHANGE_PA Change apprisal documents

PHAP_CREATE_PA New 360 Feedback

PHAP_PREPARE_PA Prepare Appraisal Documents

PHAP_SEARCH_PA Evaluate Apprisal documents

PO03 Maintain jobs

PO03D Display Job

PO05 Maintain Business Event

PO10D Display Organizational Unit

PO11D Display Qualification

PO13 Maintain Position

PO13D Display Position

PP01 Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided)

PP01_DISP Display Plan Data (Menu Guided)

PPAD Display Appraisals Catalog

PPCP Career Planning

PPIS Human Resources Information System

PPOME Maintain organizational plan

PPOS Display Organizational Plan

PPOS_OLD Display Organizational Plan

PPOSE Display organization and Staffing

PPPD Display Profile

PPPE_SEARCH_FOR_Q Search for qualifications

PPPM Change Profile

PPQD Display Qualifications Catalog

PPSP Succession Planning

PPSS Display Structure

PQAH Ad-Hoc query

PSV1 Dynamic Attendance Menu

PSV2 Dynamic Business Event Menu

PSV3 Dynamic Information Menu

PSVI User-Defined Settings

PSVP Dynamic Planning Menu

PSVR Dynamic Resource Menu

PU00 Delete personnel number

PU03 Change Payroll Status

PV00 Book Attendance

PV01 Rebook Attendance

PV02 Prebook Attendance

PV03 Replace Attendance

PV04 Cancel Attendance

PV06 Prebook List: Attendees

PV07 Book List: Attendees

PV08 Book List: Business Events

PV10 Create Business Event with Resources

PV11 Create Business Event w/o Resources

PV12 Firmly Book / Cancel Business Event

PV14 Lock / Unlock Business Event

PV15 Follow Up Business Event

PV16 Prebook List: Business Event Types

PV1A Change Business Event

PV1B Display Business Event

PVCT Master Data Catalog

PVH0 Create/Change External Instructor

PVU0 Create/Change Company

PVU1 Maintain Company

S_AHR_61003929 Edit qualification catalog





S_AHR_61011887 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOHP3OOC3





S_AHR_61015532 Profile Matchup: Positions/Holders

S_AHR_61015533 Profiles

S_AHR_61015536 Expired Qualifications

S_AHR_61016129 Employee History Report

S_AHR_61016150 New Hire Reporting

S_AHR_61016152 EEO-1 (Equal Employment Opportunity)

S_AHR_61016153 AAP: Movement Analysis Report USA

S_AHR_61016154 AAP: Turnover Analysis Report USA

S_AHR_61016155 AAP: Workforce Distribution Report U

S_AHR_61016156 Vets-100 Report USA

S_AHR_61016214 Prebookings per attendee

S_AHR_61016224 Resource Equipment

S_AHR_61016225 Available/Reserved Resources

S_AHR_61016356 Time spent in pay scale group/level

S_AHR_61016358 Reference Personnel Numbers

S_AHR_61016362 Flexible Employee Data

S_AHR_61016374 Nationalities

S_AHR_61016380 Logged Changes in Infotype Data

S_AHR_61016491 Existing Organizational Units

S_AHR_61016492 Staff Functions for Org. Unit

S_AHR_61016493 Organizational Structure

S_AHR_61016494 Org. Structure with Positions

S_AHR_61016495 Org. Structure with Persons

S_AHR_61016497 Existing Jobs

S_AHR_61016498 Job index

S_AHR_61016499 Job Description

S_AHR_61016501 Complete job description

S_AHR_61016502 Existing Positions

S_AHR_61016503 Staff assignments

S_AHR_61016504 Position Description

S_AHR_61016509 Vacant/Obsolete Positions

S_AHR_61016510 Correct Vacancies

S_AHR_61016511 Complete Position Description

S_AHR_61016512 Report Structure Without Persons

S_AHR_61016513 Report Structure with Persons

S_AHR_61016527 Existing Objects

S_AHR_61016528 Structure Display/Maintenance

S_AHR_61016529 Structure Navigation Instrument

S_AHR_61016530 PD Graphics Interface

S_AHR_61016531 Display and Maintain Infotypes

S_AHR_61016532 Infotype Reporting

S_AHR_61016533 Start Payroll Report

S_AHR_61018797 Planned Compensation for Jobs

S_AHR_61018798 Compare Actual Base Salaries

S_AHR_61018799 Compa-ratio Analysis

S_AHR_61018831 Obsolete positions

S_AHR_61018869 Periods of unoccupied positions

S_ALR_87014085 Attendance Statistics

S_ALR_87014086 Business Event Hierarchy

S_ALR_87014087 Resource Reservation

S_L9C_94000095 Headcount Changes

S_PH0_48000096 Instructor Information

S_PH0_48000450 Date Monitoring

S_PH0_48000476 Business Event Information

S_PH0_48000510 Ad-Hoc query

S_PH0_48000513 Ad-Hoc query

S_PH9_46000016 Ad Hoc Query

S_PH9_46000017 Succession Overview

S_PH9_46000018 Objects with unrated qualifications

S_PH9_46000019 Objects with no qualifications or requirements

S_PH9_46000022 List of Alternative Qualifications

S_PH9_46000216 Service Anniversaries

S_PH9_46000216 Service Anniversaries

S_PH9_46000218 Statistics: Gender Sorted By Age

S_PH9_46000221 Birthday list

S_PH9_46000222 Family members

S_PH9_46000223 EEs Who Entered And/Or Left Company

S_PH9_46000224 Education and Training

S_PH9_46000424 S_PH9_46000441

S_PH9_46000451 Business Event Appraisals

S_PH9_46000452 Attendee Appraisals

SWNWIEX WF Notification: Edit Work Item

SBWP SAP Business Workplace

SE78 SAPscript: Graphics administration

SHDB Batch Input Transaction Recorder

SM37 Overview of job selection

SMX Display Own Jobs

SP01 Output Controller

SQ01 SAP Query: Maintain queries

SU3 Maintain Users Own Data

SU53 Evaluate Authorization Check

SWF_OBJ_EXEC_CL Execute Object Method (SIBFLPORB)

PA48 Hiring from External System

SWWL WIM: Delete Work Item

SU01D User Display

Hope this information would come in your use.

Let me know if in case you need any further help.

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Refer :- the thread Report List - HR Module

Posted: Feb 26, 2009 4:04 PM>; search HR standard reports. --> Search for HR satndard reports.


Hemant V. Mahale

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Kindly search SDN you will get many links:)

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check this for consolidated list of all HR reports