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SAP HCM P&F - Add custom infotype fields to process IT0759

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Hi gurus,

I'm trying to build a simple process to update IT0759 via HRASR_DT transaction but I'm getting trouble to add certain 'custom' Z fields to my form.

Let me explain what I want to do. This infotype has a lot of Z fields that they are need to be updated but I don't know how I could to set them on form. I'm using standard SAP_PA backend service to put all standards ones (which are belonging to HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0759 structure) but I'm not be able to add the rest custom fields because they are not appearing in this structure.

Is there any tutorial or step-by-step guide to do something like that? I have 'a suspect' I should to use a generic/advanced servide but to be honest I don't understand very well which methods I should to implement to give my own business logic.

Kind Regards,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alfonso Vandellós,

You would have to enhance the infotype first to include the Z fields that you wish to have.



Transaction PM01, Create Infotype, supports the creation and enhancement of decoupled infotypes.

First test if the Z fields are working correctly in transaction PUIT_UI.

If everything works fine here, then there should not be any problem in configuring the infotype in HCM P&F design time.

If issue persists , please describe the steps that you have carried out together with screenshots.

Hope this helps.

With regards,


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Thanks Sahir, you are becoming my 'personal HCM P&F trainer'.

In fact, I have already IT0759 enhanced and I have included a lot of Z fields, no problem at all.

My point is to get those Z fields available to set up in a custom Form. Just I have enhanced standar screen structure of IT0759 (HCMT_BSP_PA_yy_R0759) and just add my custom fields on it.

Afterwards, via creation of generic service I can give to form fields my ow business logic i.e setting UI properties such visibility, enable/disable, etc. and setting default values.

Kind Regards,

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