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SAP Freezing

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We've developed an add on using the DI API that handles stock transfers (reservations), Invoicing, and Receipt from production.

Users experience 30 second to 1 minute freezes in SAP (the client becomes unresponsive, and unable to draw itself, going white in places)

As a test I created a loop to create 2000 stock transfers of the same item between two warehouses, back and forth. When accessing the SAP Client during this time I could re create the freeze. Granted, this is a heavy test to throw at SAP, and not something that is being dealt with day to day, although the Stock Transfer run does contain a large quantity at any one run.

Is there a workaround to prevent SAP from freezing, but rather to almost schedule the transactions?

Would the DI Server be a more scalable solution?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Colin,

Since you are dealing with DI PI only, you have the option of creating a standalone application that runs independent of B1 client (unlike an add-on that runs inside B1). Of course then you can also run it as a scheduled job. Also, DI API fits your scenario better than DI Server.



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Aravind is correct. You can also use BackgroundWorker in VB/C#, to do such voluminous batch jobs. Since you'll be using DIAPI, the SAP client would not be affected, at the same time even your application can respond to other events, if you are using another thread to run the task.


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Between processes try to call form.update to redraw the screen - or - create progress bar (something will move on the screen) - this doesnt prevent Not responing state of window.

Or you may use timer (after one step run timer and after few milisecond continue with next step) - this will takes handle back to sap.

hope it helps