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SAP Content Server question and roadmap?

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Hi all,

One of our customers has an 4.x SAP Content Server and wants to know if they can utilize it to store PDF and pictures.

Based on the initial search i saw that needs to be updated to 6.x, however before doing so I wanted to see if it's supported and/or replaced by any other product. I wanted to make sure the product is still "alive" before making investment. So I went to SAP roadmaps site but not able to find any product called Content Server.

1) Can you please tell me where I can find the roadmap for this product?

2) Is this product has a new name?

3) The client want to use this just to store images/pdf's. They will not use it to integrate with SAP ECC/NetWeaver product, we will use this basically store and retrieve images/pdf's for a mobile app. Since there will be no SAP integration I think we can use a regular DB/SharePoint etc to store images, instead of SAP content server. What's your thought on this?

Appreciate your help



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Hi all,

I have a similar concern as Tansu.

In addition, SAP Content Server has a size constraint of 16TB because of MaxDB limit. It will be expanded to 32TB as per later in 2016.

But it is not clear how to scale if SAP plan any investments in the future of this product.