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SAP Content Server 6.40 Download Path in Service Market Place

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Hi Friends

Can you please give details of Path to download SAP Content Server 6.40 in Service market Place.

With Regards

Mangesh Pande

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi mangesh,

you can go to service market place, under consulting, solutions and user group area >solution details>netweaver-->netweaver in detail >application platform>business services--> under this u will find the content server.(information about content server).

under support portal u will find release and upgradeinfo--> u will find Product availability matrix.

Below are the links for both.

please use your login id and password to enter. From there you will find a link to download.

But to download the necessary software, u need Download software authorization.



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Hi Kavitha

Thanks for Quick Response.I browsed through the Info that You Have Provided and found path as follows

Installations and Upgrades >

Entry by Application Group>

SAP NetWeaver>



Installation and Upgrade>

Windows Server>


NW 7.0 Presentation - SAP Content Server 6.40

The Support Packages for the SAP Content Server

The files are located in the Software Center on SAP Service Marketplace at:

You will find the SAP Content Server under:

SAP Software Distribution Center ->

SAP Support Packages and Patches ->

Entry by Application Group ->

SAP NetWeaver ->

SAP NetWeaver 2004s ->

Entry By Components ->

SAP Content Server ->

SAP Content Server 6.40 -> < PLATFORM>Patches

Thanks once again

With Regards

Mangesh Pande

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Hi Mangesh,

you can get the same product even by searching under downloads--> search by all categories.

just type SAP content server there. you will find all the patches also..



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