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SAP Bydesign User Mass Changes

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We are creating a new company and we need to move a certain number of employees to the new company. I can use the account determination migration file to load the new company details but how can I update employee details? How can I do a mass termination and mass re-hiring within the new company? I would also need to recreate the business roles tailored for the new company only. Is there a quick way to do that or will I have to copy each one separately?

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Hello Adeline

The process would be as follows:

(1) Manually terminate the set of employees that you need to rehire into the new company. This has to be done employee by employee, from the Personnel Administration -> Regular Tasks work center view, or from Personnel Administration -> Employees view, choosing the Termination action.
(2) Use the employee migration capabilities to create work agreements for the set of employees to for the new company. This functionality is present in business configuration -> Open Activity List -> Integrate and Extend tab. If you don't have any open workspaces, you would have to create a Change workspace.

Once the personnel administration migration is done, you should find work agreements for this set of employees, where the company of employment is the new company that you've added in the migration excel.

Please note: If Payroll is scoped in business configuration, then payroll related information, like tax and social insurance cannot be created for the new company using the mentioned procedure. This has to be done manually for each employee.

(3) Time Administration - If you have scoped in Time Administration, then you would have to update the employee's time agreement with Work schedule assignment, Time accounts assignment etc for the new company. This has to be a manual process, done for each employee.

(4) Compensation - If you have scoped in compensation, then you would need to do the salary set up for the employees. This can also be achieved via Migration of Employee Data - there is a separate link to migrate Compensation Data.

For this whole procedure, I would recommend that you try it out in a test system first, and if the results are fine, then you can do the same for production.