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SAP Business One HANA - Delete log files in /mnt00001

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Hello all,

We are not using the backup functionalities of SAP HANA for one of our Business One servers.

Is it possible to delete log files on the server folder /NDB/global/log/mnt00001/hdb00001 - hdb00004 without impact on system functionalities? I learned that certain files are needed during the restart of the system. Are these log files part of these?

Edit: Further investigations resulted, that the remaining objects in these folders have the status "truncated". According to Note 2083715 these files will be deleted after the next savepoint/backup. Unfortunately this is not the case.. So can we delete these truncated files manually?

Thank you very much for your help!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


So we solved the error via a hint we found on another site. In case anyone encounters a similiar issue, here our solution.
1. In global.ini settings of your HANA system change the parameter log_mode to overwrite

2. Restart the system

3. Change the log_mode back to normal

4. Restart the system again

5. Open a SQL command window and execute the command: ALTER SYSTEM RECLAIM LOG

This should delete all of your truncated log files in hdb00004

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