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Sap Business One: Copy "Business Partner Project" to all Line items in SO

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Hello forum,

I would like to copy the "Business Partner Project" (under Accounting tab) automatically to the "Project" field for each newly created line item under "contents".

It should be doable by using Formatted Search and a simple query, but somehow it is not working as expected. I am wondering if this is not working because "Project" on line item lvl is already a selectable/searchable field and can´t be "changed" to cover a formatted search logic. 

Thank you and regards,


ps: Customer is using ver10 2208

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if you want to test your FMS.

Click in the field where it should be assigned.

then go through the menu to your query. The variables will be filled if found and the query is executed

regards Lothar

FMS Test.png


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Thanks for the hint! That comes in very handy!