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SAP Business One Authentication 10.0 FP 2208

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Hello, SAP Community.
How can i setup (enable or disable) authentications on SAP Business One for HANA 10.0 FP 2208.

Why it require two times authentication with SAP B1 clients and Web Clients ?
Action : When I run SAP B1 Client, i have 2 times user authentication.
*One on SAP B1 Client Authentication.
*Two, after logged-in on the SAP B1 client, it requires login again with Web Client.
Could you please guide me?

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Hello Sokcheang,

This is a known issue when the Fiori-style cockpit is enabled. You can check below SAP Note:

The issue has been fixed in Business One 10.0 FP2305.

Best Regards

Lenice Zhang

SAP Business One Support