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SAP BTP Alert notification only send ONCE for repeating alerts

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Experts,

I have an alert configuration for "long-running statements.".

And in HANA CLOUD ALERT DEFINITION, the medium threshold is "286 seconds," with an interval of 5 minutes.

Currently, the alert notification will send an email action once the alert occurs, then send an alert notification again when the statement ends.

But if you check the alerts list in the HANA CLOUD cockpit, there are more than 2 alerts.

Why do not all alerts send email action to the user?

Is it possible to send all alerts to users through email?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP HANA Cloud alerts are can be accessed in multiple ways. 

They are available in SAP HANA Cloud Central, in the alerts app for all instances that are in the subaccount.  


They are also available via a REST API.  SAP HANA Cloud Central uses this API to retrieve and display the alerts.  

I believe that the integration into the SAP Alert Notification Service also works with this REST API.

The SAP HANA cockpit also can show alerts but uses an older method to access the alerts as mentioned in the message shown here.  Because of this, there is a slight difference in the reporting of alerts between the two tools.  I believe this might explain the behavior seen.  In addition,  only alerts for a particular database (not all the alerts from all instances in a subaccount are shown) and non ESS alerts are not shown.


It is also possible to further configure the Alert Notification Service to only send an email when a certain condition occurs such as when the alert is initially created by adding a tags.ans.status condition with a value of Is Equal To Create.  Additional details on the status of alerts can be found at Alerts in SAP HANA Cloud

The following tutorial provides some more details on the topic of SAP HANA Cloud Alerts including sending emails using the Alert Notification Service and accessing alerts using a REST API.  Explore SAP HANA Cloud Alerts and Metrics.  

Dan van Leeuwen