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SAP Barcode Config.

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Dear All,

please do help me on how to configure SAP barcode.

scenario is when i created a new material on MM01 and encoded the  inner and case barcode are not allow.

on our existing barcode for inner start on no. 2 are ok and in case are 1 is ok.

i encoded at MM01 for inner start on 4 or 5 and case 3 or 4 are not allowed.

our barcode have 14 digits.


Ermin D. Concepcion

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Answers (1)

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Hi Ermin

SE73 -->set up your own barcode types using New Barcode Symbology or Old barcode Symbology along with Printer Barcodes 

   SPAD--> Create Device types for Printers

   You can use these Barcode types in SMARTSTYLES transaction  and eventually use them in SMARTFORMS.

3 of 9 (sometimes called "code 39"), a widely used barcode standard that includes capital letters, numbers, and several symbols. This is not the barcode for UPC's (universal price codes) found on products at the store. However, most kinds of barcode scanners will recognize 3 of 9 just fine. 

Now included with Free 3 of 9 is a new version of the font called Free 3 of 9 Extended. This version covers the extended 3 of 9 standard that includes all the ASCII characters.


Tips for Using the Barcode Font

Be sure to add an asterisk * character before and after your text. Example YOURTEXTHERE

Microsoft Word may adjust the character spacing and make the barcode unreadable. You may have more luck with Wordpad, found in the Windows Start Menu under Programs > Accessories.

Refer :

-Shantha Kumar