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SAP B1 vs SAP R/3

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Dear All,

One of our manufacturing Company wants to implement ERP and wants to decide between SAP R/3 and SAP B1. Can anyone of you who has orked on the both explain the key difference between the two and limitation of B1 against R/3 or vice versa.

Thanks & Regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have not worked on both unfortunately, but one issue you will find with SAP Business One is that it does not have strong manufacturing functionality.

You would have to factor a Business One 'add-on' into your costs, such as beas. This application integrates seemlessly with B1 and handles Capacity planning, job costing and factory floor data capture amongst other things.

See for extra details.


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Thanks Damian for the reply.... In fact I am aware of SAP R3 functionalities but not about B1....

Is Product Costing module available in B1.... also the concept of Business Area etc....



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You can cost products as B1 does have the concept of a BOM (Bill of Materials)and production orders. Equally you can add labour items to this BOM, but this is a work around as there is no proper support of routings / operations and therefore costing labour (Added value).

Equally there is no concept of business area (Assuming that you are refering to what I call Work Centres).

Both of these are provided via and possibly through products like Fourth Shift (But I don't know this one).

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I've seen a demo of fourth shift and is pretty good software.

Now, the main difference between SBO and R/3 is that SBO is for small to medium businesses and R/3 is for large (fortune 1000) companies.

There is a document on the portal with the minimum requirements for SBO and what are the maximum transactions, users, etc for a company to qualify for SBO installation, is that so that if you will install more than 30 users you need the aproval from SAP for them to make sure that the customer qualify for SBO.

Now besides R/3 there is also SAP ALL-IN-ONE that is a strip version of R/3 and is target for medium company.

Because of this the prices are also very different between each product.



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Damian / William,

Thanks for your valuable inputs...

It appears that B1 has limitations on Product costing and Manufacturing side...

does this support Accounting under different GAAPs simultaneously ie IFRS & USGAAP at same time and whether it be able to give profitability as well as Balance sheet at Plant level ( not by way of profit center)......


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