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SAP B1 - Fixed Asset - Revaluation Reserve and Revaluation Revaluation Reserve Clearing

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Customer been using Fixed Assets module with no issue, but suddenly this month, when tried to run Depreciation Run, it prompt error message 'Account "Revaluation Reserve Account' is missingg in account determination '35','

I tested in the TEST DB, defined the accounts accordingly, there is small amount 4.41 posted to the accounts. But I not able to know the relevant asset code.

The customer did not use Fixed Asset - 'Asset Revaluation' module at all and I have confirmed there is no transactions posted in the module.

Why the depreciation run need these accounts?

In what circumstances FA Depreciation Run will need these two accounts 'Revaluation Reserve' and 'Revaluation Reserve Clearing' to define in the account determination? The fact that there is no asset revaluation posted.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check if below query gives any result:

SELECT T0."OrdDprPost"-t0."OrdDprPst1", * 
FROM ODPV T0 WHERE T0."OrdDprPlan" - T0."OrdDprAct" > t0."OrdDprPln1" - T0."OrdDprAct1"

It could some corruption in the value of the FA. Contacting SAP Support will be advised.



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