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SAP B1 Crystal report file crashes when printing.

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We run SAP B1, we have had a sales report made and it worked perfectly, when we upgraded the PLC 9 the report stopped working, and the system would crash upon runnig it with an event 1000.

I updated the run time files on the win 10 64 bit client and this resolved the issue but now what ever I try to print report wise the system crashed again event 1000, ironically if I select preview the report will open and then I can print it from this next screen.

Even without printers installed this issue occurs.

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Hi Chris,

I changed the primary tag to CR for B1 because although it is CR Designer it is an OEM build so specific to B1.

And CR requires a printer to be installed so be sure to install the drivers on your B1 Server.

I don't know what event 1000 is....