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SAP B1 course material

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Hi Experts,

I would like to write SAP C_TB1200_88 exam for SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Business One 8.8, I wanted to attend classes for TB1000 (Logistics) and TB1100 (Accounting) before writing the exams but the 5 days course is more than $1,777. I also realized that the course was not complete without TB1200 (Implementation & Support) which requires one to have covered both TB1000 and TB1100. Mark you the cost for TB1200 is separate and it is around $900

Where can I get SAP course materials so that I can read practice on my own and sit for the exam. I find the course too expensive and a rip off, please help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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please check this link:

You can test your knowledge through the material provided in that link.

It will help you for sure....

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Thanks Kambadasan, this helped

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Patrick,

Training options for the C_TB1200 Implementation and Support Consultant Certification include:

Classroom Training option:               

-  TB1000 Logistics

-  TB1100 Accounting

-  TB1200 Implementation and Support

Self-Study option:

-  Product Training e-learning

Study Guide

Guided Self Study option: 

-  Virtual Course for TB1000 and TB1100 combined with Product Training e-learning

A Sample Test is available for the C_TB1200 certification.

Note: you may find this SAP book useful for exam studies (and even for work too); in fact, many of us in the SAP consultancy roles once treated it as an unofficial textbook for the SAP exams.

More details can be found on the Channel Partner Portal on the Education page for SAP Business One. For details, visit the official site by clicking the screenshot below:

Assuming that your are interested to be certified in the field of SAP B1, the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Business One 9.0 (C_TB1200_90) is right for you (definitely not the 8.8 any more). Such certification exam verifies the knowledge of the SAP B1 Implementation and Support Consultant job profile in the areas of financials, logistics, implementation, configuration, and support on SAP Business One (Release 9.0). To ensure passing the exam, SAP recommends combining educational classroom training and hands-on experience to prepare for the certification, as exam questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training. It is an 80 questions, 180 Minutes exam with a current Cut Score of 69%. As at late 2013, the only available language for the exam is English.

Topical areas for the certified exam encompass:

Mapping of Customer Requirements (> 12%)

  • Map customer requirements and logistics processes to a standard SAP B1 configuration within the scope of TB1000, TB1100 and TB1200.

CRM and Logistics Tasks and Setup (> 12%)

  • Set up master data and perform the steps in the core logistics processes of SAP B1 within the scope of TB1000.

Financials Tasks and Setup (> 12%)

  • Perform main accounting and banking tasks, manage accounting procedures, and utilize controlling tools and company reports in SAP B1 within the scope of TB1100.

Logistics Business Processes (8% - 12%)

  • Explain the concepts and methods of SAP B1 and describe the main logistics processes within the scope of TB1000.

Support processes (8% - 12%)

  • Follow the support and services processes provided by SAP within the scope of TB1200.

Financials Business Processes (8% - 12%)

  • Outline main financial accounting processes in SAP Business One and point out the essential settings for accounting functions within the scope of TB1100.

Configuration and Customization Tasks (8% - 12%)

  • Perform core system data migration, initialization, and configuration, and use customization tools within the scope of TB1200.

Implementation methodology (< 8%)

  • Follow a structured implementation methodology within the scope of TB1200.


TB1200 is the course of study for SAP Business One - Implementation and Support (Release 9.0 is the latest and most updated one available on the market). Before mentioning about its scope, I would like to let you know that TB1200 is intended for the Accredited SAP Partner’s employees responsible for the implementation and ongoing support of business processes with SAP Business One at customer or end-user sites. The overall course goal for TB1200 is to prepare its intended audiences to follow a structured and systematic methodology for implementing SAP Business One with a heavy focus on knowing how to use the implementation, customization, data migration, and administration tools provided in SAP Business One. As well as to follow the support and services processes provided by SAP for B1 customers. TB1200 is not meant for anyone on the street, the course prerequisites include the completion of TB1000 SAP B1 – Logistics; TB1100 SAP B1 – Accounting; basic IT skills; an S-user ID given by SAP; and it is recommended that you possess project management, presentation / training, and consulting experiences with at least one ERP product as well as knowledge of basic SQL query language and business processes in the SME sector. Personally, for those experiences parts, it is not absolutely essential for a starter who want to study SAP B1 as long as you willing to learn B1 with due diligence. However, to become a successful SAP Business One consultant for your future life, those above-mentioned experiences always count!

The course curriculum of TB1200 (Release 9.0) comprises of 6 units, they are:

Unit 1 is on Implementation Tools – covers Implementation Methodology, Express Configuration Wizard, Quick Copy, and Solution Packager.

Unit 2 is on Project Realization – covers Software and Licensing, Security, User Accounts, as well as Document Numbering and Printing.

Unit 3 is on Customization Tools – covers Queries, User-Defined Values, User-Defined Fields and Tables, as well as Alerts, Approval Procedures.

Unit 4 is on Data Migration Tools – covers Import from Excel, Data Transfer Workbench, and Opening Balances.

Unit 5 is on Support Processes – covers Support Tools, Support Messages, and Remote Platform Support (RSP).

Unit 6 is a Case Study for practice – it integrates all materials that are covered by the previous 5 units.

Hope that this document can provide you with some insights on how to pursue the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Business One 9.0 (C_TB1200_90) and the course of study for the TB1200 SAP Business One - Implementation and Support, and particularly the course training materials.



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Dear Owen,

I have undergone training for SAP B1 8.8 version for Functional consultant role which includes TB1200 recently, and is preparing for exam  for 8.8. But the option of taking exam availability in India is only for 8.8  and not in 9.0

In fact SAP authorized training center which I took training taught  only for 8.8 and not for 9 as its still not available here in India. So I want to know why is the exam for 9.0 version  is not available yet in India .


Darshan Desai

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Hi Patrick.......

Please go through this Link.......



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Thanks Rahul, the link was of great help.


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Thanks Rahul, the link was of great help.