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SAP B1 Continuous Stock with Germany Localization

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Hello experts,

we are an international group that is setting up a new company in Germany and we need to start a new DB in SAP as a test company for the German company.

While we are waiting for the meeting with the tax consultant, we would like to start the new DB and I'm asking the community people here located in Germany what Inventory Management system you use in SAP B1 with German localization. In Germany do you typically use Continuous Stock (perpetual inventory with accounting postings) or you use periodic inventory? And what Evaluation method do you typically use in Germany? Standard, Average or FIFO? Is the Standard method even allowed in Germany?

Thank you guys!

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Hi Elisa,

the questions you asked are not as simple as "Do you like sweet or sour?"
It depends on so much company factors that nobody could say anything about it not knowing your company.
I recommend to wait for the tax consultant.

regards Lothar

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It may look like a naive question, but not knowing what the common accounting practices in Germany I can't know if there is any standard management inventory system or not. For example, in Italy there is virtually no company using the perpetual inventory with continuous stock. The common practice here is not using the continuous stock producing automatic entries in the general ledger any time you move a part number in stock, we calculate the value of the stock at the end of the period and we "plug" the value in into the general ledger. But working extensively with US, I know the common practice there is using the Continuous Stock, so this is the reason why I'm asking about Germany.